Recurring conflict, family crises, affair-recovery.  Couples can heal their relationships and regain trust and loving interaction.


Mindfulness approaches transform your relationship with anxiety. Distressing emotions can become manageable and can be channeled to help you perform better and lead a more enjoyable life.

Depression Recovery

Interpersonal approaches are highly effective for relieving depression.  Because relationships profoundly affect our well-being, positive changes in the ways we relate to others can lead to lasting relief from depression.

Alcohol abuse/Chemical dependence

It is possible to gain freedom from dependence on alcohol or drugs.  Often such reliance stems from specific deficits that occurred during early childhood... compounded by more recent life-choices. With work, it is possible to move away from use and move towards sobriety with enriched relationships.

Trauma Recovery

It is possible to heal past-trauma and become free to be the person you choose to be.  Your past doesn't have to rule your life.

Effective Methods for Anxiety

Proven process to overcome anxiety and issues such as obsessiveness, compulsiveness, and panic or debilitating fears.